LXLE Linux is a self funded community Linux distribution.  User contributions through donations and store purchases help cover the administrative and hosting cost of the distribution. We do not send any emails to our users asking for donations, nor do we charge for providing support through our user forums, wiki, or mailing list.

Regardless of our no nuisance philosophy, contributions and purchases are extremely important to making ends meet. At times its also a gesture of gratitude for the work put into building the distribution and providing free support. We developed a few ways to donate to the project.

Last 10 Sponsor Donations

Feb 28, 2015 Michael Brophy $5.00
Feb 22, 2015 Milton Wright $5.00
Feb 19, 2015 DennisK $10.00
Feb 12, 2015 S.O. Computer Services $5.00
Feb 7, 2015 Chandra Kamal $5.00
Feb 2, 2015 Chris Shelton $5.00
Jan 29, 2015 Joshua Jarvis $50.00
Jan 8, 2015 Alekxandr Mylnikov $5.00
Jan 3, 2015 James Keach $5.00
Jan 2, 2015 Frank Thornton $5.00

LXLE Contribution



Using PayPal

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What others are saying

I came across LXLE on distrowatch after noticing that it was climbing the ranks. This distro is blazing fast on this machine. From what I can see LXLE gets everything right. Excellent work!! ~Jay G