DuckDuckGo Region Boosted Search

This page was created primarily for LXLE users that want to get the most out of the DuckDuckGo search engine. However these search plugins can be utilized by anyone, on any system using Firefox, Chrome, Chromium or Internet Explorer and probably other web browsers.

There are endless different ways to use DuckDuckGo when searching. The default for DuckDuckGo is safesearch on without WOT ratings. The default for LXLE is 'Full Search' which means safesearch off without WOT ratings. Below is a list of DuckDuckGo plugins with different settings already enabled. Clicking on them will ask if you would like to add them in your browser.

You can test our default DuckDuckGo search as well as all region settings using our startpage.

DDG SafeSearch DDG SafeSearch (WOT)
DDG Full Search DDG Full Search (WOT)

DuckDuckGo's default settings return excellent hard to beat results, however they are not localized. Google's servers automatically provide Internet users all over the world with a "localized" version of their search engine. DuckDuckGo can't really provide this because they don't track you, therefore you have to tell DuckDuckGo if you want to boost region results by using the right search parameters.

Using the region setting will boost results within that region (as opposed to exclusively displaying results for that region), including support for region language. Below are preconfigured region boosted DuckDuckGo plugins for your searchbar. Full search settings are enabled by default.

DDG Arabia (EN) DDG Arabia
DDG Argentina DDG Australia
DDG Austria DDG Belgium (FR)
DDG Belgium (NL) DDG Brazil
DDG Bulgaria DDG Canada (FR)
DDG Canada DDG Catalan
DDG Chile DDG China
DDG Columbia DDG Croatia
DDG Czech Republic DDG Denmark
DDG Estonia DDG Finland
DDG France DDG Germany
DDG Greece DDG Hong Kong
DDG Hungary DDG India
DDG Indonesia (EN) DDG Indonesia
DDG Ireland DDG Israel
DDG Italy DDG Japan
DDG Korea DDG Latin America
DDG Latvia DDG Lithuania
DDG Malaysia (EN) DDG Malaysia
DDG Mexico DDG Netherlands
DDG New Zealand DDG Norway
DDG Peru DDG Philippines (TL)
DDG Philippines DDG Poland
DDG Portugal DDG Romania
DDG Russia DDG Singapore
DDG Slovak Republic DDG Slovenia
DDG South Africa DDG Spain
DDG Sweden DDG Switzerland (DE)
DDG Switzerland (FR) DDG Switzerland (IT)
DDG Taiwan DDG Thailand
DDG Turkey DDG Ukraine
DDG United Kingdom DDG United States (ES)
DDG United States DDG Venezuela
DDG Vietnam DDG (No region)


What others are saying

Really good operating system. It has given my ageing former Windows XP computer a new lease of life.  I like lean and efficient distros, but LXLE is the fastest I've tried. ~Michael

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