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 alfonso ramos
I was expecting Lubuntu 14.04 and I got a bad surprise because I've tried Lubuntu 14.04 and LXLE and this one wins for a beating,great work keep doing it this way
Published on 18.04.2014, from Colombia
 Peter Mietzner
Very happy with the distro. Missing some things from Mint Petra, but, in general, the best distro I have used over the past three years. Thanks for the hard work and thought that went into it.
Published on 20.03.2014, from Windhoek, Namibia
Revived my old laptop perfectly, using it for around 4 months now. Really like the look and functionality and hope to see a non-PAE 14.04 :D
Published on 14.03.2014, from Germany
 Jose T
I have installed LXLE 12.04.4 in my lenovo netbook with atom processor bought 5 years back. It was slow with windows xp. I was thinking of selling it off when I stumbled upon linux world. I tried many linux os and found that the best os in speed, performance, functionality and must have programmes is LXLE. It literally made my netbook useable again... Just some suggestions, I would like to see box theme of lubuntu in the next version preinstalled (i didnot mean by default))... & login screen same as lock screen.
Published on 12.03.2014, from India
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"Thank you for an amazingly GREAT distro. Been distro hopping for a while and you have come up with a beautiful, fully loaded, easy to use, sleek, fast distro that works great on old AND new hardware." ~tdlam