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Robert S.

Old Dell D600 is now lightning fast with LXLE 32 bit. Best OS for old PCs.

Published on 08.06.2015, from USA

I've been trying lots of distro for my fujitsu lifebook u2010 with pousbo chipset and none of them satisfied me, LXLE is the first working out of the box distro even for multimedia playing...awesome...thanx a lot

Published on 06.06.2015, from indonesia
Ed Hart

A few months ago I gave up on Micro$oft's Windows unending problems of especially malware attacks and frequent crashes and sluggish performance of the OS's, and went over to Linux. In the meantime I have tested many Linux distros, and the 2 distros I like the most are Mint and LXLE, for ease of use and having the least problems. LXLE may become my top favorite because with Mint there is a problem with VGA hookup, but with LXLE it is plug-and-play. Those who are developing LXLE are doing an excellent job of it and deserve high praise! Keep up the good work! :)

Published on 04.06.2015, from U.S.A.
D. Cerisano

LXLE is awsome. Even the installer rocks.
Ancient Lenovo M55 ThinkCentre (1GB Core Duo with 100gb SSD)
Eclipse ADT for Android workstation

I tried several other OSes:
WinXP 32 (could not clone to SSD)
Lubuntu 32/64- vmem thrashing problems
Xubuntu 32/64- vmem thrashing problems

Did not try Mint, but it looks to pretty to be fast.

LXLE 32 is the best by far.
No thrashing.

Published on 27.05.2015, from Kingston
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Brought new life to my HP zv6000. Recognized broadcom wifi. Faster than old xp. A BIG THANK-YOU!! ~Paul Black