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Gary Monori

Faster on mini notebook and netbooks than windows 7

Published on 08.07.2015, from London

I hate to throw away my old PCs/NBs so I've used many light distros.
LXLE is light, is quick and is the only one which I have never had problems of instability.
Although I would prefer that there were fewer software installed, I recognize that it is the best. Every time, after distro hopping, I come back to LXLE. It makes any machine functioning.

Published on 04.07.2015, from Italy
G Marsh

I saw LXLE 32 on OSdisc.com and gave it a test drive on a client's old (and otherwise unuseable Win XP) AMD dual core PC with 4 gigs of DDR2 and it's simply lightning fast, boots in 1/4 the time of XP. Fantastic and trouble free installer, best i've ever seen in a distro.
I have now installed on 4 aging Vista/XP PC's where the client simply cannot afford a new rig. All have said they greatly prefer LXLE to Windows for its intuitive layout.
Im sure the lack of blue screens and free software also helps lol.

Published on 01.07.2015, from Pittsburgh
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"Thank you for an amazingly GREAT distro. Been distro hopping for a while and you have come up with a beautiful, fully loaded, easy to use, sleek, fast distro that works great on old AND new hardware." ~tdlam

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