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Bill Shoffner

I, too, had Mint on a laptop than ran slowly. I couldn't watch videos on Youtube because my Acer Aspire One with the Crystal video card just couldn't handle them. Now with LXLE that same computer runs like a top and I can stream Youtube again. It boots quickly, shuts down quickly and I love it. Thanks!

Published on 05.10.2015, from Burlington, NC, USA
Steve Edward

I've installed LXLE two thrift store computers. On a Hewlett Packard ZV6000 (Athlon 64 3200+ with 1280 MB ram), LXLE supported the integrated Broadcom WIFI without any hacks. This something other Ubuntu distributions would not do without having to load it in the command line first. LXLE lets me have a $10 laptop that I can use to take to college.

I installed LXLE on another thrift-store desktop tower with an AMD Athlon 64 3800+ X2. With a solid state hard drive, the boot time is astonishing, and the PC is surprisingly fast on the modern web.

Keep up the great work!

Published on 28.09.2015, from California
Mr Video

I love LXLE as it works flawlessly on my 2009 Dell XPS430 Desktop PC. Everything is fluent without lagging

Published on 23.09.2015, from Austria

The current version of LXLE is the best ever iteration of this operating system. If you have older equipment or if you want to get away from unsafe XP, slow Vista or from virii, trojans, ransomware, cryptolocker and other forms of malware then Linux in general, and LXLE in particular, is the way to go.

Published on 20.09.2015, from Bristol, England
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"I LXLE installed on a computer: Packard Bell 2006 AMD Athlon 3000 + and works great. I like change wallpaper every boot. Keep up the good work." ~Ciprian B

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