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Art Seiders

Tried Ubuntu, Puppy and couple of others. LXLE is IMHO the best overall in terms of friendliness, compatibility, speed, out-of-the-box experience.

Published on 30.11.2015, from Netherlands
Bill M

I delayed using this distro since I was familiar with several others. After fighting to get some of the other more popular distros working over the past day I decided I'd install this one. Now it is on all of my computers, 3 desktops and 2 notebooks. Installation was flawless, fast, easy, and just like Linux distro installation used to be. Not so any more with the the others. Not sure I can name them here, but the top ones all were more like loading a new Windoze installation instead of Linux and their operation was just as bad.The only disadvantage of LxLe is I had to install and config my printers and scanners manually. Hey, isn't that linux? Letting one config and install their own? I will continue to use this distro as long as it is supported.

Published on 28.11.2015, from FL, USA

My Gateway desktop hard drive running Win7 completely failed on me. I tried booting up with a live usb with Cinnamon Mint 17.1. It obviously worked fine, but did not see the Gateway hard drive. I then tried LXLE 32 bit on a live usb (I used the universal usb installer / pendrive Linux with persistence after downloading the iso to another computer) and viola!! It works like a charm. I can see and access all my folders and files located on the gorked hard drive. Everything works great (wifi, videos, music, streaming, etc...) except for the external Sony speakers connected with audio jack. The internal speakers work fine. I hope to figure it out eventually. In the meantime, I can continue using this very nice all-in-one desktop as good as, or even better than before! LXLE is good looking, functional, intuitive, and featureful. I also use another live usb LXLE for a HP laptop with NO hard drive and it works just as good.

Published on 27.11.2015, from USA
TJ Stewart

Great Linux Distro,After deciding I am done with Windows, I loaded LXLE on my little Asus EEE PC 1005HAB, It went from a barely useable,slow,always updating mini turtle of a laptop, to a totally quick,stable mini laptop, no lag,no freezing,boots quick, it runs excellent....I use this little gem every day, streaming movies from my network,surfing,Libre Office,printing, it can now do it all!!! Thanks LXLE!!!

Published on 13.11.2015, from Tx. USA
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"I want to say VERYBIG 'Thank you!' for your great work! I choose it in strong comparison with a number of distros to create my first Linux-only environment on the laptop some days ago!" ~rodocop

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