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The hard drive port on my old laptop stopped functioning, So I decided to try LXLE on an SD card. Even while running it off the SD card, its blazing fast. Literally gave new life to my old laptop. Thanks guys.
Published on 17.08.2014
Forget for "aging PC's"! This is excellent for modern PC's! I am running a new Pentium G3450 witha Z97 based motherboard, 8GB of memory and an ATI 7770. So, fairly modern. I can run any current distro, but LXLE is where I stay because of the fact that it is feature rich, fast and light. It allows my games (Steam stuff, emulators, etc) to utilize the full power of my machine without some nonsense graphically intense OS sucking up resources. Even as lightweight as it is, it looks beautiful on a large 48 inch flat screen TV. LXDE is the environment for people that yearn for the good old days when the UI was meant for actual "work", and LXLE adds style and beauty to the whole environment. You guys better stick around, because I am not going anywhere :)
Published on 15.08.2014, from USA
Thank you so much for this easy to install (especially on hardware with older generation graphics cards!) for this Lubuntu re-spin - it has come at just the right time for me to help friends running Windows XP on older PC hardware (e.g. Athlon 64 / Pentium etc. CPUs) migrate to Linux for security on a modern OS while retaining much of the XP 'look' and 'feel' they are used to.
Published on 12.08.2014
Replaced XP on my old Fujitsu L1300 Amilo laptop since Novenber 2013-Dualboot with Windows7.I upgrade now to 14.04.I discard the 7s after that and keep on working with LXLE from now on.Its fast,reliable and very smart for everyday activity.Great job,congratulation and thank you G.S.
Published on 12.08.2014, from Greece
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"Has everyting you need right out of the box, & wrapped in a beautiful package too! I'm glad someone made lxde into a full on distro." ~netipot