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Treeman Shaw

Easiest install to partition, simply drag a bar!
Excellent for newbies to Linux,
quick and light (just like we used to be).

Published on 25.01.2016

Maxdata eco 4011 iw, 2gb, 1.7celeronM, earlier windows xp home edition. I really enjoy Lxle, it feels almost a modern computer now :)

Published on 15.12.2015, from POLAND

Years ago I bought a Lenovo Ideapad s205.
I tried installing all versions of Ubuntu (Kubuntu, Lubuntu, etc.), Fedora, Arch Linux, none of them was able to make the Wi-Fi work (the distros detected it as if the hardware was switched off, even though it wasn\'t because with Windows it worked perfectly, it turned out to be a Kernel issue with the BIOS version afaik).
The laptop came with Windows (that of course supported the Wi-Fi card), but it was so slow that it was barely usable.

I was ready to give up on this nice little laptop, until I found LXLE.
After about a year or never having Wi-Fi work (didn\'t even work with an external card either), it worked right after installation!

The system itself is great, it\'s super fast and lightweight, a real successor of Crunchbang if you ask me.

Would definitely install it on newer computers too!

Published on 14.12.2015
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Installed from a Linux Format CD on a Thinkpad X201. Incredibly snappy with an uncluttered interface and a reassuring retro feel. ~Adrian Lewis

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