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Michael Kamau

If my laptop computer could tell you the number of linux distos that it has had stints with, I suppose it could go on for hours and hours. Until it reaches the point when the cyber-world conspired to have LXLE installed on it.

I have always has issues with many Debian based distros -- memory usage issues, crashes e.t.c. And I always install the next thing that I come across and the issues persist. What I abhor most is instability. You know when you gradually see your computer slow down to a halt amid strange crushes. I hated that with Ubuntu. I hated that with Kubuntu and Netrunner. My computer is quite old, a Toshiba Satellite from 2008 with 2GB of RAM. But still, I expected more. I even tried other distros designed for older systems like Lubuntu without any success.

Now comes LXLE.

I have been running it for two months. I wish I had discovered this project 5 years. I love it.
1. Stability. Things just run. Not a single crash ever.
2. LXLE gets out of the way. When I log in the OS uses like 1% of CPU and about 200mb of RAM. Couple that with its stability, I am able to concentrate on work. I have has zero (0) operating system issues. And that makes me happy [icon_smile] .

In summary, this is the BEST linux distro I have ever used. While it lacks many features that other distros boast with (KDE distros, are you there?), LXLE lets me USE my computer and not care for trivial things that add no value at the end of the day.

I totally recommend it.
Did I mention the wallpapers? I love them.

Published on 24.05.2015, from Nairobi

I'm using LXLE on my 11 years old IBM Thinkpad-R50 for several years now. This old Pentium M 1.4 GHz (Centrino processor)laptop with 1GB DDR333 RAM memory can still compete with new machines. I want to THANK the LXLE development team for this mastepiece.

Published on 11.05.2015, from Belgium

I'm traditionally a Mint fan. The 17.1 cinnamon version is fantastic. I have found that Mint runs quite slow on one of my ARM laptops. I thought I'd venture out into to unknown and give LXLE a try. Well the laptop runs like a dream now and after a few small tweaks, I see no reason to return to MINT. Small thing to get excited about, but even the termial supports, right click cut and paste, unlike in Mint.

Published on 07.05.2015, from Australia
Josh Scott

You've tried the rest, now get the best! LXLE is all that I was looking for and more! My 10 year old AMD mobo/CPU with 1.3Ghz speed and 1GB of RAM runs incredibly well and handles multimedia fantastically under LXLE. THANK YOU - GREAT WORK

Published on 05.05.2015, from Boise, ID
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"This is a awsome Lubuntu based distro and preforms awesome, Been hopping distro for a while and keep coming back to LXLE." ~K1dX-CA