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Paul Black

Brought new life to my HP zv6000. Recognized broadcom wifi. Faster than old xp. A BIG THANK-YOU!!

Published on 11.03.2015, from Akron, Ohio, USA
Laertes Erdrick

Me encanta, La instale en un Pentium IV con 1Gb Ram y 64mb de video y funciona perfecto...

Published on 10.03.2015, from Monterrey, Mex

I honestly wish I had installed this years ago. I have an old Dell D430 with 2GB RAM running Windows 7. It had become so slow, I couldn't run a Youtube video.

I'd had enough and was considering replacing the computer but really could do without the expense right now.

I knew nothing about which version to install so I read the reviews and settled on LXLE.

Wow is all I can say. I'm speechless on how fast my computer is again. Thanks to everyone involved in making this available for your hard work, dedication and giving my computer a new lease of life. I will donate as soon as I can - it's only fair.

Published on 10.03.2015, from Canada

I love it. WHile I mainly use Mint I have one computer where Mint Xfce wasn't fast enough. I tried LXLE and what a nice surprise! It works better and snappier and it is just beauteful. I ocasionaly use another language and surprise again! When you add different keyboard language you can set a flag for it on the right bottom of task bar. With one simple click on it you cycle between default and newly set keyboard language, perfect! In Mint you need two clicks :-)

Published on 21.02.2015, from US
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Just installed LXLE (Linux) on several old laptops. This seems to be the best distro for just install and go. Quite fast. No broadcom wireless setup! Connection is just like any modern device. Includes some great utilities. ~Loaded4th