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working great with old pentium and with 512 ram!
Published on 15.10.2014, from Serbia
 Roger H. Bush
Thanks LXLE team. I am retired and needed an OS to replace Win 7 on an old and should have been retired Lenovo Ideacentre Q110. LXLE run fast and true from the startup. I have tried a lot of distros and LXLE was the last and best.
Published on 14.10.2014, from lake Dallas, TX
 Austin S
As someone relatively casual/new to Linux who's lived in Windows most of his life, LXLE is super simple and has basically everything you would need for general usage without being bloated at all. It all works out of the box and needs little to no configuration unless you like being very personalized, which LXDE allows for. The only hitch I had was iffy wifi drivers in the 32 bit revised 12.04, and it was easily fixed with backports drivers after a short internet search. Also the default theme and wallpapers are fantastic compared to other distros and Lubuntu. Aesthetically pleasing all around.
Published on 09.10.2014
Superb, fast, everything "just works!" In all of my previous flirtations with the LXDE desktop, it was buggy and halting on my screen, with maddening fits and starts. I almost passed this little distro by just because of it's LXDE desktop. Now I'm really glad I didn't!
Published on 30.09.2014
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"I been checking out distro after distro for the last few months. There's so many! Sadly a lot don't work very well. This one is very,very nice!" ~ray