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 Jay G
I came across LXLE on distrowatch after noticing that it was climbing the ranks. I decided to give it a spin on my old dell optiplex gx270 3.2ghz P4/nvidia geforce 6200/4gb ddr ram and so far I am highly impressed with what I see. This distro is blazing fast on this machine. Usually when I install a distro (which is usually linux mint) minitube and pithos are 2 packages I always have to install so what a refreshing change to see them included already!! The wallpaper changer is a nice touch. From what I can see LXLE gets everything right. Excellent work!!
Published on 18.09.2014
 Jitendra Mishra
LXLE is the only distro that gives me total contentment in every respect after struggling with numerous distros for my aging HCL laptop. Processor : 2x Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T2390 @ 1.86GHz I am loving it...
Published on 15.09.2014, from Bhojpur, Bihar, India
I have not been a fan of Ubuntu distros for some years, and Lbuntu always seemed half-done. LXLE has worked on older machines that Linux Mint wouldn't run right on, and I like the clean and friendly way it was put together. It just works. Thanks for making Lbuntu what it should have been. :)
Published on 07.09.2014, from Michigan
 Vincent S
What a hit! My old dell laptop core i3/4 gig ram is flying in an unprecedented manner.By the past, I used to finish my regular distro's overview on a stable debian without being completely convinced. Your linux is fast, elegant and definitely smart. Thank's to the team.
Published on 30.08.2014, from France
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I've been running UBUNTU for years on my machines but I am so glad I came across LXLE. Just doing some minor additions, like thunderbird and skype. Besides that, every thing runs fast and smooth. Love it!  ~M.Bennett