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I love it. WHile I mainly use Mint I have one computer where Mint Xfce wasn't fast enough. I tried LXLE and what a nice surprise! It works better and snappier and it is just beauteful. I ocasionaly use another language and surprise again! When you add different keyboard language you can set a flag for it on the right bottom of task bar. With one simple click on it you cycle between default and newly set keyboard language, perfect! In Mint you need two clicks :-)

Published on 21.02.2015, from US
Ron Blake

As a GNU/Linux gamer I love this, I can broadcast live with OBS-Studio and use less than half of my pc. Vs windows using all of it and making it beep. I broadcast all the time from GNU/Linux and never turning back to windows, Thanks for the amazing distro LXLE I will try my best to promote it as its amazing.

Published on 20.02.2015, from windsor, Ontario, Canada

After trying many distros like many people, I am so happy with LXLE. I have it installed on an old Dell 3000, a HP DV6, Lenovo T60, a Dell Inspiron 1520 (given to me by a frustrated Windows user friend) and a homebuilt computer I made several years ago. Love it!!!!!

Works consistently well. The LXLE team are to be commended for such a fine job. Keep up the great work!!

Published on 19.02.2015, from Canada
Christopher Lacy

I bought a Acer Aspire off Ebay, Atom N270 @1.6 GHz, 1GB ram, 8GB SSD hard drive. Windows XP already installed, wouldn't even connect to my Wifi. I installed LXLE from flash drive, I couldn't be happier. This machine flies now, right out of the box.

Published on 12.02.2015, from Indianapolis, IN
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"I switch 'flavours' every couple of months but i think that lxle will be staying on my main box for longer than that.I like the simplicity and understated feel. it really does fly too.thanks" ~col r