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 Brian Boyle
I think my distro hopping over the past few years has finally come to an end. That is the biggest compliment I can give to LXLE.Everything just works(fast). IMO it would also be user friendly to 1st time linux users. Thanks for this great distro guys
Published on 27.08.2014, from Glasgow, Scotland, UK.
I have put LXLE on both a Dell Latitude D600 and X300 (look them up, they are old!) and the OS runs great! The X300 was never this fast with Windows XP. The only thing I have to configure is the wireless driver which is not much of a problem using ndiswrapper (however, the X300 did give me problems, but in the end I figured it out). Keep up the good work!
Published on 23.08.2014
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The hard drive port on my old laptop stopped functioning, So I decided to try LXLE on an SD card. Even while running it off the SD card, its blazing fast. Literally gave new life to my old laptop. Thanks guys. ~Mark