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I have used linux for years since Red Hat came out for the first time. I have tested tons of Distros and was stuck on Linux Mint for a while. I have found what I wanted and it runs smooth on any computer, old or new. For Newbies, it's ready out of the box. Congrats to the team. As a developer, I feel great with it. Cheers

Published on 22.04.2016, from Texas
Robert Scott

Running on a Compaq nx6325 laptop with 2 gig RAM and 20 gig harddrive. Runs blazingly fast! Love it.

Published on 16.04.2016, from St. Paul, MN

LXLE brings to Lubuntu the polish it deserves. I would call LXLE the "Full featured OS for lite PCs" because it's a great choice not just for older PCs but also for low cost mini PCs.

Published on 11.04.2016, from Ohio Valley
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"I dig this, I really do. Now...why doesn't this release just replace Lubuntu?! You have a superior aesthetic look and better suited to a wide range of desktop users. Just thought I'd send a quick note to say great job!" ~Derrick

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