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TJ Stewart

Great Linux Distro,After deciding I am done with Windows, I loaded LXLE on my little Asus EEE PC 1005HAB, It went from a barely useable,slow,always updating mini turtle of a laptop, to a totally quick,stable mini laptop, no lag,no freezing,boots quick, it runs excellent....I use this little gem every day, streaming movies from my network,surfing,Libre Office,printing, it can now do it all!!! Thanks LXLE!!!

Published on 13.11.2015, from Tx. USA

Installed in a dual boot setup on 4 year old ASUS Win7Pro laptop w dual core AMD C-50, 4 GB ram, 320GB HDD. It honestly saved this PC from the trash heap. For web surfing (incl. news sites, YouTube) it works better than our really good quad core Android tablet. I was easily able to access files stored on our NAS. Can view and edit Word docs. Was able to connect to our networked Brother laser printer after obtaining installer from Brother\'s web site. Didn\'t like the default power manager, so I replaced that. WiFi is still a bit slow, but hardwired network connection is really fast. I think we can easily get 2-3 years. Starts up in about 45 seconds and shuts down in less than 10. May eventually drop the Win7 partition if wife finds this Linux setup acceptable. #impressed

Published on 13.11.2015, from Canada
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I've just found LXLE after 10 months of searching through various Linux distros for the ideal xp replacement for an eleven year old Acer laptop. What a gem!  ~Roy Davies

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