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This is so far the best distro. Lightness and usability is the forte.

Use it on old PCs/laptops/netbooks.

Surely it will fly.

Published on 18.08.2015, from Earth

Pound for pound the best OS I've ever used!!!

Published on 14.08.2015, from USA
Shane B.

I have been trying out linux distros for years. They all have met the same fate within 6 months, usually much sooner: Instability! The setups are almost always a nightmare too. Video drivers crashing, media not working etc... I just put this OS on today and I have to say, so far I am very impressed. Everything went together just so smooth and while my comp is old (Dell d830, 4 gb ddr2 ram, Intel T9300 C2D) It's still no slouch. It tears through this nice, tidy little OS with ease. Here is to a (hopefully) linux distro that hopefully stays as stable as it is slick!

Published on 26.07.2015, from Idaho, US
Gary Monori

Faster on mini notebook and netbooks than windows 7

Published on 08.07.2015, from London
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"I switch 'flavours' every couple of months but i think that lxle will be staying on my main box for longer than that.I like the simplicity and understated feel. it really does fly too.thanks" ~col r

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