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I have been experimenting with linux based OS and LXLE is, definitely, my favorite. It is light, fast and reliable. It did what it was designed to do and by doing that, my old laptop was reborn. It is also resourceful. LXLE provides a generous set of drivers and working tools, which is a really good welcome by itself. Besides all this, LXLE is elegantly designed and aesthetically pleasing. All in all, this piece of software is highly functional and an excellent choice for the average PC user.

I want to thank all the developers of LXLE. Excellent Work!

Published on 13.04.2015, from Lisboa

Whoaw ... after some light tinkering with GRUB, the Nokia Booklet 3G with SSD is performing beyond my wildest expectations ... falling in love with it again. Thank You Guys.

Published on 12.04.2015, from SEAsia

I installed lxle 32 bits to my hp mini 1103 netbook.
1.6 Ghz intel atom processor
1 Gb ram
It came with windows 7 starter. It had never played 720p youtube videos. I had some problems with minitube 2.2 playing 720p youtube videos, so I downloaded the 2.4 version from the official web page, now it playes 720p and 1080p videos with no problems. LXLE is awesome.

Published on 11.04.2015, from Nicaragua

Have been on Lubuntu for 3 years, but became a bit disenchanted with the performance on the Nokia Booklet 3G, hope LXLE will let me enjoy using the Booklet for some time to come.

Published on 11.04.2015, from SEAsia
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I just love LXLE! I tried it about a year ago, then went away to another LXDE distro, but now am back to stay. I am running it on a 10 year old ThinkPad T42 and it runs wonderfully well.  ~willjacob