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Marcelo Ribeiro Machado

Acabou o drama, nunca mais virus e esposas e filhas reclamando do Win !!!
LXLE roda com perfeição e é facílimo de instalar.
Contem comigo!

Published on 05.02.2016, from Porto Alegre, RS/Brasil
Treeman Shaw

Easiest install to partition, simply drag a bar!
Excellent for newbies to Linux,
quick and light (just like we used to be).

Published on 25.01.2016

Maxdata eco 4011 iw, 2gb, 1.7celeronM, earlier windows xp home edition. I really enjoy Lxle, it feels almost a modern computer now :)

Published on 15.12.2015, from POLAND
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"I dig this, I really do. Now...why doesn't this release just replace Lubuntu?! You have a superior aesthetic look and better suited to a wide range of desktop users. Just thought I'd send a quick note to say great job!" ~Derrick

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