LXLE Paradigm goes final with 12.04.3 update.

Paradigm is a tentative attempt to create four different desktop paradigms for users to choose from once they start up their aging computers when using LXLE. Just because a computer may be aging shouldn't hinder your work flow.

People grow accustom to a certain way of doing things, particularly on a computer. If a basic layout (paradigm) of a familiar OS is available then its much more likely the user will enjoy the platform and have an easier time learning and using it.

LXLE paradigm is not an attempt to completely mimic other desktops features and functions but to provide a desktop scheme that is familiar to all different types of computer users whether your comfortable with Linux, Mac or Windows operating systems.

LXLE default programs are easy to understand once you understand the philosophy. 'If your going to save system resources with a light system, then you should spend those resources on more capable programs."

In other words just because a machine is aging or flat out old, doesn't mean it shouldn't feel, act, look and function like a full featured modern OS.

Few want sorta capable, few functions, software that’s not that intuitive just because its light. If its light and its awesome, great. If its not, well, since we saved the resources we can have better.

LXLE is meant to be a drop in and go operating system. Providing an excellent selection of software that should covers most users needs straight out of the box.

Paradigm adds to this basic philosophy by allowing the user to choose their desktop paradigm. Giving more users an opportunity to try Linux on their aging computer without feeling totally lost. It also allows current Linux users to throw it on an old machine and have a familiar layout.

Currently the paradigms available at start-up are, Gnome 2 (G2), Windows (XP), Mac (OSX) and Ubuntu's Unity. Each desktop can be entered and or used at anytime, and you can switch back and forth at will.

While developing paradigm, LXLE went through some significant changes particularly among the default programs. Trying to provide a drop in and go OS can lead to some very large ISO images.

Keeping in mind that not everyone has access to high-speed internet for long periods of time and that many like using mini DVD in other countries, the goal was to try to remain under 1.4 gigs.

Considering the second goal of providing an excellent set of really fun games that can run on any computer you can load LXLE on was a pretty tall order.

After a boat load of builds, months of internal testing, weeks of public testing, and patiently waiting for Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS to arrive through the repositories. LXLE paradigm is finally ready.

Changes from previous version?

Desktop Paradigms
Updated Conky
VLC dropped for Totem
Added Dictionary
Added App Finder
Added ClamTK
New Fast Forecast
Leafpad dropped for Gedit
Added & updated Gnome Commander
Transmission dropped for Flush
Updated Wallpapers
LXterminal dropped for Roxterm
Added Font Manager
Added Filezilla
Added Uget
Dropped Skype for Linphone
Dropped Chromium because of  weight.
Added disk usage analyzer.
Drop Deepin software center for Lubuntu software center (weight)
Added seahorse (encryption keys)
Added hide show conky info button.
Updated 'start' menu.
The games are too many to list and should be left as a surprise.  :)

*Smaller ISO size and is lighter on system resources.*

You can download the new version now through the regular channels.

Screenshot are available here.

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What others are saying

LXLE brings to Lubuntu the polish it deserves. I would call LXLE the "Full featured OS for lite PCs" because it's a great choice not just for older PCs but also for low cost mini PCs. ~Bruce

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