LXLE Paradigm goes beta.

Currently looking for beta testers.

What's LXLE Paradigm?

I was involved in an email/post conversation about the discussion of an XP like session for Lubuntu, which I didn't understand because the Lubuntu default interface is already so much like XP.

I understood the need for perhaps a Mac like session or another OS because familiarity is important. I didn't agree with both a Lubuntu session and an XP session considering the similarities.

But it did get me thinking about the importance of having different desktop paradigms. To help make a user, even if on an old machine, feel at home.

LXLE Paradigm is an attempt to provide four different desktop paradigms to choose from, using nothing but straight LXDE and its available features.

It was more challenging than one might think. I tried to stick to the rule that whatever feature is available to the user on one desktop should be available on all desktops in one fashion or another, providing consistency.

Current updates have been applied, tweaks made, the system actually runs lighter than ever.

Currently you can pick the following layouts at startup.

Default (XP)
Mac OS X
Gnome 2

These interfaces are not suppose to be direct copies but simply provide similar familiar desktop paradigms to those who are accustomed to different layouts.

BETA.... is available for download.

Any feedback is helpful and appreciated. Thanks.

Below are some beta screenshots.

LXLE Default (XP)

Gnome 2 Paradigm

Mac OS X Paradigm

Unity Paradigm

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What others are saying

This is my first linux os and I must say it is fantastic. My older laptop runs better than before. Must use! ~Seekersneak

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