LXLE gets DuckDuckGo, Distrowatch and an update.

Late last week Distrowatch decided to create some room for LXLE on their infamous distro discovery site. I was really happy to see an official page for LXLE with an official url

Mid this week DuckDuckGo contacted me after months of review, with news that LXLE would be accepted into the fold of distributions that enable DuckDuckGo as the default search engine.

End of this week, I decided it was time for an overall update to LXLE, since once downloaded an additional 400+ megs was needed to update. Also some small items needed adjusting.

I of course, considering the news, made DuckDuckGo the default search. I also restored the software center icon that went missing after an update.

I added the latest version of FBReader and fixed an annoying language bug that was due to my extreme sliming of the OS during the last build. There is also a slick new custom startpage.

Latest ISO's are available, not that you need to download them, the "updates" are minor at best.

As for the other stuff? Well its pretty cool and I can't wait to get my DuckDuckGo T-Shirt.

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What others are saying

"LXLE is very quick and has just the right applications installed. Just added a couple of things and now feel like I have the perfect setup. Thanks!" ~Tallyman

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