Paint an old toy for Christmas, revive an old PC with Linux.

As everything gets more expensive, at times a wonderful low-cost gift is cherished more so than the high priced latest fad gadget, particularly if its thoughtfully done right.

Just about every computer produced in the past ten years is capable of doing most everyday tasks online such as web browsing, email, music, videos, pictures and documents. Unfortunately most of those computers came with Windows XP, Vista, etc.

Considering the viruses, spyware, malware, trojans and backdoors that plague Windows, these machines might be thought of as, too old to use. This simply isn't the case, and Linux is the proof.

One can install any Linux distribution they choose, however to really revive an old PC, using a lightweight variant of Linux is really the best way to go. The fewer hardware resources the system needs, the better the 'ol girl' will run and will negate any idea that old hardware is useless.

Now given where this article is being published, of course LXLE Linux will be mentioned as a great full featured lightweight drop in and go operating system for your old XP/Vista box, but there are many amazingly great lightweight distributions to choose from like Lubuntu, Crunchbang, Zorin Lite, Linux Lite, Puppy Linux or Watt OS, just to name few.

So instead of doing the same old same old for Christmas and spending a fortune, how about treating yourself or someone dear and revive an old PC for them this Christmas using Linux.

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What others are saying

Tried many distros and am very impressed with LXLE. Will use LXLE even if I buy a new laptop with the latest system resources. Great work done by LXLE team. ~LinuxNovice

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