LXLE polishes beta, releases promo vid & more.

LXLE is based on Lubuntu which is an Ubuntu OS using the LXDE desktop enviroment. LXLE is designed to be a drop in and go OS. Primarily for aging computers. It's intention is to be able to throw it on any computer and leave. At times removing unwanted programs or features is easier than configuring for a day.

While taking some screenshots of the new beta I thought, why not use LXLE and some of the preinstalled programs to make a quick promo style video for it, considering I never do videos it didn't turn out too bad so I posted it on Youtube as the beta promo. You can watch it below.

The second beta release of LXLE concentrated on squashing the bugs of the initial beta while smoothing some edges that came to light thanks to early testers feedback. This version of LXLE is gearing up to the 12.04.4 Ubuntu update release planned in January.

By default LXLE utilizes DuckDuckGo, we believe in the search engines principles, capabilities and their many opensource initiatives and support. However we realize that some users prefer searching with Google, so we designed a custom Google search for our LXLE startpage for those individuals.

Our custom Google search engine does much more than just provide a gateway to Google, it borrows some ideas from DuckDuckGo's awesome search engine like enabling SSL search by default and omiting known content mills while emphazing results from crowd sourced sites and their sources, bearing excellent returns.

Some notable new features are:

LXLE PPA enabled by default

Updated core LXDE components.

Updated BleachBit, Catfish, MiniTube

Updated Elementary Icon Set

Added Steam, VokoScreen, Schedule Tasks

Gnome commander replaced with Sunflower.

Fast forecast replaced with Typhoon.

GDiskDump replaced with Startup Disk Creator.

Enhanced Firefox & bookmarks toolbar.

New LXLE Splash Screen

More Mac like OS X paradigm.

Unity Paradigm tweaks.

Xscreensaver gnome power management enabled.

50 addittional wallpapers. (creative commons)

Smaller ISO file size and faster boot times.

Lower overall system resources footprint.

A 32 and 64 bit version is available here from Sourceforge.

Footnote: Many confuse what a lightweight OS actually means. It doesn't  have much to do with ISO file size as it does with how many system resources it takes for the computer to operate. LXLE saves system resources so they can then be spent on more capable programs. Why save resources if you never spend them for the better?

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What others are saying

I've just found LXLE after 10 months of searching through various Linux distros for the ideal xp replacement for an eleven year old Acer laptop. What a gem!  ~Roy Davies

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