LXLE releases LibreAnte, monetized downloads for all.

Not everyone can donate, not everyone will donate, and no one will donate all the time to every project they use. Many developers and free content creators have uttered the words, "if I could get such and such for each download/view". That would at least pay for the servers/equipment.

I often wonder how amazing opesource software would be if funded correctly. I don't think its a matter of people won't fund it, it's a matter of figuring out revenue streams for opensource software, it's going to be a different model then proprietary software because opensource is a different beast, different rules, and needs different monetary approaches.

There are more than enough opensource software that deserves at least a tip for their efforts, in this particular case an 'ante' if you will. Although the following solution more than likely won't make developers rich, its better than receving nothing for their efforts.

It's a simple idea. Utilize existing technologies, make it as easy as possible, keep it open and free.

I stumbled upon a company named SolveMedia. SolveMedia offers a 3 tier advertising platform based around the premise of typing in a code to proceed. One is video based, another is mobile focused and the last is captcha based.

I decided to use SolveMedia monetized captcha service to create a form with a editable dropdown menu to create a standalone system for monetizing downloads or page views.

Developers can modify the title and addresses of the dropdown menu, either pointing to a file for download or page to view. The user can not continue with their download until the monetized captcha is entered.

Pretty simple huh? Ya, and we wanted to make it available to everyone, particularly in the opensource community. Its pretty basic, but it gets the job done and am hoping for eager developers to take it further.

This solution is by no means a replacement for donations, but I surely hope it provides some necessary monetary funds to all the projects which we all use on a daily basis.

For more information and to see it in action please visit.

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Works great on my 2006 MacBook. Thanks a bunch! ~Bas

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